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Hustle USA Affinity Lending Program

The Hustle USA Affinity Lending Program provides micro-loans – up to $2,500 – in a group setting to each group participant. Payments are reported to the credit bureaus over a 12-month period. The group also serves as a networking and credit-building space for small business owners to collaborate and encourage one another. This program provides business consulting and monthly workshops. The Hustle USA staff will give final approval for these loans.

Hustle USA Small Business Loan

The Hustle USA Small Business Loan provides access to capital for business purposes, while helping emerging entrepreneurs establish or improve credit history. The Hustle USA Small Business Loan is a great opportunity for business owners who need working capital, equipment, or supplies, but aren’t completely ready for financing from a traditional financial institution. Loan amounts range from $2,500 – $25,000. The Hustle USA Loan Committee will give final approval for these loans.

Hustle USA Impact Loan

The Hustle USA Impact Loan provides access to capital to established (low-income/under-served) entrepreneurs, who have continuously operated their business or at least 2 years, who need capital for growth. The loan amounts range from $25,000 – $50,000. The Hustle USA Loan Committee will give final approval for these loans.

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Like with most businesses, you have the idea or you have the passion to grow a business, but many times the funding or capital needed to get things going is not readily available.

The affinity loan program was a great opportunity to get approval, at the time of growth in my business to get the funding to help with equipment. Since being involved with the affinity loan program, I’ve been able to go on and secure financing in larger amounts, but I couldn’t have done it without the knowledge that the program provided. I would recommend the affinity loan program because it gives a business the stepping stone needed to grow a business for knowledge and support.

Pamela Coleman

Pedro Perez

We’re at a point where we are currently growing and are limited due to only having one photo booth camper. We receive multiple inquiries for the same day, but due to capacity we’re limited on the events we can do. We want to be able to book multiple events in a day.

I have been able to leverage the money to invest in the growth of PARC PHX. I have recently added a new photo booth to my business and this loan will help me finish the restoration process ahead of time resulting in creating revenue sooner.

I would recommend the Affinity loan program to others for three major reasons:

Immediate access to capital: This loan has allowed me to use the funds to buy supplies and invest in the growth of my business.
Build business credit: Credit is everything, building credit while using this loan has been a huge motivator for me.
Low barrier of entry: I have tried to get loans from other financial institutions unfortunately due to being a small business it has been difficult to get funding to accelerate my business.

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